Who am I?

I have spent the last decade and a half of my working life in the world of IT. I started  my career as a developer, and my interests have drawn me from consulting to sales to marketing. I am a dyed-in-the-wool geek, but my greatest love is explaining complicated technical concepts to the uninitiated and moving the discussion in IT forward.

I have worked in the IT industry for well over a decade at innovation places like Loudcloud and Bladeogic. Now I work for SumoLogic, part of an amazing team focused on a ground-breaking approach to machine data/big data analytics. I joined these companies because I was passionate about applying technology to solve problems in IT. I have always felt that the most of the problems experienced in IT are unnecessary, and correctly applied innovation can make a huge difference to any IT organization. So, I am very interested in current discussions around DevOps, Lean IT, Big Data, etc. because they recognize the need to address both technological and organizational challenges when moving forward.

What is the Blog?

I spend a lot of my own time reading about the trends, and I hope that you find interesting my comments and observations on topics like DevOps, Automation, Lean IT, Big Data, and other areas.

Thanks for Reading!


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