Can you do DevOps without automation?

I was reading Tom Parish’s interview Lori MacVittie on the DevOps Leadership Series, and I came across her statement that DevOps and automation are not, in fact, tied at the hip. I think that asking if DevOps needs automation to be successful is a really good question. In fact, it may be one of the essential questions – which comes first? Process or Automation? Lori clearly lands on the process side, and I tend to agree.

I always make the analogy to a hammer and nails. After repairing my fence last year, I discovered what a wonderful thing a nail gun is compared to a hammer and nails. What would have taken me 20-30 minutes, took me 5 minutes – bam, bam, bam. But nail guns are also dangerous. You can’t shoot yourself in the foot with a hammer… I think automation is a lot like that. Just automating something with no firm process in mind is like handing a nail gun to someone who immediately attached their foot to the floor – in record time. And I am not innocent of this. At one point in my career I was fascinated with the power of JScript on Windows when enabled with Active Directory (yes – I am geeking out – bear with me). I could write one script that would execute across 10s of servers in a way that was more difficult in UNIX at the time. But that was the problem. I tested a script on a live environment, and almost took out a live site (we won’t discuss how close I came to doing just that…).

Now, the counter point is that well-tested automation following a good process can’t beaten. I remember back in my BladeLogic days when a sysadmin was intent on convincing me that she could make the same change to 20 UNIX servers, one after another, and be more accurate than an automated tool. Doubtful. But say she could. That only makes sense on the smallest of scales. But if she had automated that, she could have spent her on something actually useful. Imagine that. And isn’t that the point, to make ourselves more productive, so we can make the business (and ourselves) more successful?

That is why applying a methodology like KanBan to DevOps is so promising. Instead of blindingly applying automation with cool tools, you look at your processes holistically, and apply automation systematically where it provides the most value. Which is exactly what manufacturing has done over the last few years.

So, yes. You can do DevOps without automation. But that’s the wrong question. Can you do DevOps without well-understood process and culture change? No. And don’t apply automation unless you tackle that as well.


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